JD'S  Traditional Archery Supplies

Fletch-Tite Platinum Cement
A quality fletching Next Generation in cement  Works on all shafts with a incredible bond with carbon, cedar and aluminum.
3/4 oz. tube          $6.95
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Bohning Fletching Tape
Fletch a dozen arrows in an hour.  Roll the fletch tape onto your clamped feather, peel the backing off and press the feather onto the shaft and it's done.  Remove the clamp, add a drop of glue front and back and you're set.  Approximately 60', should over 3 dozen arrows.
Premium Fletching Tape         $7.95
Saunders Arrow Mate Cement
Exceptional adhesive for all  none-fletchlac finishes.  Wood, aluminum or carbon.
1 oz, Tube.$7.95
Can not be shipped Air Mail
only UPS Ground
Barge Cement
An excellent adhesive for all leather work including attaching leather grips and arrow rests to bows.  Can also be used as a fletching cement.
2 oz. Tube$6.95

Can not be shipped Air Mail 
only UPS Ground
Bohning's hot melt for installing points to shaft tapers.  High tensile strength.
10" Hot Melt Glue Stick
This hot melt has more elasticity than other hot melts.
Can Not Ship Air Mail
only UPS Ground