JD'S  Traditional Archery Supplies

Young Feather Burner
with 3 ribbons
Wood Chuck 
Electric Taper Tool
Does an excellent
job on both the 
nock & point ends of shafts
Don't forget extra sanding pads!  $1.50 ea.
Dip Tubes
Big Dipper

Jr. Dipper
Speed Gaskets and Cap    $9.95
 a must to have when using quick drying sealers
Extra Speed Gaskets  $3.95 ea. 
Cresting Brushes

1/8" $4.95
1/8" $4.95
Hairline $8.95
Hairline $8.95
Bohning Cresting Kit
includes the following:
Jr. Crester, ssr shaft conditioner, 8 oz. thinner, 8 oz. Fletch Lac white,         11" dip tube, six 1 oz. cresting paints,
paint caddy, and two brushes
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